My passion for photography started when I was a little kid.  I vividly remember as a little girl looking through my Grandma’s photo albums and adoring all of her aged images. I would spend hours looking through those albums trying to imagine what my Grandma’s life had been like from her perspective.  It was then at an early age when I quickly learned the power of photography and the importance of capturing moments and memories for future generations to cherish.

I bought my very first camera of my own in 2006.  I got a part time job while in school and saved up money for months to buy this camera. I was 14 years old and it was the most simple digital camera one could imagine, but to me it was my most prized possession. I brought my camera everywhere and took pics of literally anything I could imagine.  I enjoyed taking photos of nature, but I always loved photographing my family and friends the most. I would spend hours doing my girlfriends make up and then take photos of them, all while pretending we were models during a professional photoshoot.

After these early adolescent years passed; school became more serious, I started talking to boys, and life in general just got in the way.  While my passion for photography was still there, unfortunately I never followed my true dreams to pursue my artistic talents in any educational or professional way.

Fast forward a few years, I found myself with an undergraduate and masters degree in Computer Science and ready to take on the real world.  There was one problem… I had zero desire to pursue a career in my field of study!  While this was a very tough time in my life, it was those few years after college where I really discovered my true self.  I met my future husband and picked up my entire life to move to the United States.  I took on a completely different outlook on life and decided to re-visit my childhood passion.  Knowing my dreams as a child, my husband signed me up for photography classes at the Art Institute in Chicago in Winter 2019 as a Christmas gift.  After successfully accomplishing the courses just prior to Covid, I used my quarantine time to further research and fine tune my craft.  I also used this time to build my very own photo studio at home, the one I always dreamed of as a little girl!

Thanks to my background I have been lucky to travel the world and study in many different countries, but destiny took me to Chicago where I live now with my supporting husband and our fur baby Molly!  

Whether it’s maternity photos of your growing belly, fashion portraits for fun or headshots for work, photos of your lovely babies or puppies, or anything in-between; I would love to help you and your family capture that very special moment of your life!
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